Company history

7 Years of Experience

  • Starting Business

    We first started our business

    Oradasoft IT Solutions is a business founded on a sense of purpose, and our unique heritage still shapes the way we do business today.

  • January

    Providing Cyber Security

    In 2012, Adjetey Derrick Douglas founder of Oradasoft IT Solutions wrote down his ideas for Cyber Security after finding out how volnurable information technoloy tools were to cerrain people. The Idea was to help business grow without being worrid about their IT tools they work with.

  • August

    The team is growing with 4 new members

    He then meet the CEO and a Senior Lecture of Compute Collage and shared his Ideas with. CEO of Compute collage then joined in 2012 August and Added two new members to the Team. The new members helped to develop the the well known School Management System Called the Brisk School Manager.

  • June

    We invested a big capital

    In 2016 our Team then invested a big capital to help achieve this goal. Oradasoft IT Solutions then had its first office at Teshie Tsuibleo Road opposite the northern cluster of Schools. There, Oradasoft IT Solution colloberated with COmpute Collage to train people to become enterprenures in the IT Industry

  • May

    Our first award winning

    In May 2018 won the Highest CMS software in the Software industry with over 30 testmonials writing by client.

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